The mission of the Yachats Academy of Arts & Sciences is to provide educational and entertainment opportunities for people on the central Oregon coast. Sponsored by Polly Plumb Productions, we encourage the residents of the village of Yachats, Oregon to work with Academy board members to organize those events that they judge to be most enjoyable.

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Treasures on the Beach

Treasures on the Beach

Guy DiTorrice

6:30pm April 1, 2016

We are fortunate to have Guy DiTorrice come speak to the Academy. Guy is our own OregonFossilGuy, a true fossil-collecting rockhound. Guy presents beach fossil talks for Oregon State Parks, and speaks to schools, libraries, gem and mineral shows, museums, service groups and rock clubs. Guy was also co-petitioner to the State Legislature to successfully designate Metasequoia (the Dawn redwood) as the Oregon State Fossil.