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Public Health and the Prevention of War

Public Health and the Prevention of War

Bill Wiist, Ph.D.

Friday November 18, 2016 6:30pm

Many health professionals provide critical and compassionate healthcare to members of the military and their families and to civilians harmed by war, and often conduct other important humanitarian activities in zones of violent conflict. However, few health professionals take an active role in working towards the prevention of war primarily because information about the causes and health effects of war, and the competencies for engaging in its prevention are rarely taught in health professions’ education programs. This presentation will summarize the health effects of war, discuss and illustrate hidden and pervasive U.S. militarism as an important cause of war, and provide a health rationale for engaging in the prevention of war. The audience will be challenged to make hypothetical choices in response to photographs of healthcare in conflict zones and actions to prevent war. Suggestions will be made for activities health professionals and others can engage in toward the prevention of war.