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Bill Hall, McCallandia, 2pm April 12, 2015

Bill Hall, McCallandia, 2pm April 12, 2015

Bill Hall Lincoln County Commissioner

2pm April 12, 2015

The Yachats Academy of Arts and Sciences is proud to present Commissioner Bill Hall in a presentation on his recently published book, McCallandia.

This fictional “counter-factual” history describes what might have happened if former Governor Tom McCall had been appointed Vice-President and then had subsequently moved on the White House and the Presidency.

In the world of re-imagined history, Bill takes literary license with what might have been if Tom McCall had been President. Governor McCall is best known for making Oregon beaches open to the public.

Bill Hall is a tireless County Commissioner working on issues such as homelessness, education, work force housing and emergency food supplies.

Copies of McCallandia will be available for purchase and for author autographs.